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The press in the Palestinian Territories bears the brunt of the tumultuous history of partition, annexation and occupation. After the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 and the annexation of the West Bank to Jordan, the majority of the Palestinian newspapers which appeared in the 1948 territories of the British Mandate of Palestine stopped appearing, while the rest moved to Jordan, with the exception of Al Quds.

It is only with the implementation of the Oslo agreement between Israel and the PLO in 1995 that the new age of national Palestinian press began. In that year two major dailies were established, Al Hayat Al Jadida, owned by the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), and Al Ayyam, an independent daily but pro-PNA.

The Palestinian press is experiencing the same state of limbo that has gripped the Palestinian society, provoked by the stalemate in the peace process with Israel and lately compounded by inter-Palestinian fights between the two major fractions Fatah and Hamas. It is in the undergrowth of alternative media outlets such as the internet, personal blogs, campus magazines and radio that innovation is brought onto the media scene.

Did you know?

Following the liberal Ottoman legislation of 1908, eleven newspapers appeared in various Palestinian cities. This was at a time when the population did not exceed a few hundred thousand and those who were able to read made up only a small percentage of the general population.

The oldest Jerusalem based daily appeared in 1930, and was called Al Quds (Jerusalem in Arabic). While many Palestinian newspapers appeared in the early 1920s in the coastal city of Yaffa, which was then the intellectual capital of the Palestinian society.

Al Ayyam 

Language: Arabic
Established: 1995
Published daily

Once the leading daily in the Palestinian Territories, Al Ayyam is suffering from an internal crisis since 2001, losing its leading journalists, editors and graphic designers. This poses a threat to its modern style of management.


Al Hayat al Jadeeda 

Language: Arabic
Established: 1995
Published daily

Al Hayat Al Jadida is the official national daily, hence the good contacts its management maintains with leading politicians. Yet it would be unfair to discard Al Hayat Al Jadida as just another stale governmental newspaper. It has a highly professional electronic version.


Al Quds 
Language: Arabic
Established: 1951
Published daily

In spite of being the oldest still running Arab daily in Jerusalem, the journalistic content of Al Quds is weak and caters mostly to older readers, for whom it is a source of advertisements and social classifieds.


Palestine Times  
Language: English
Established: 2006
Published monthly

The only English-language newspaper in the Palestinian Territories, the Palestine Times has very radical editorials on Israeli and American policies. Temporarily published in London on a monthly basis. It is reported that the Palestine Times has made an agreement with Israeli distributors to distribute 25,000 copies in Israel, a historic first in Palestinian-Israeli media relations.