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Saudi Arabia lifts two-year ban on Elaph 11 March 2009
Saudi Arabia recently decided to remove a two-year ban on the London-based Elaph online daily. According to reports, this move is due to a reshuffle in the Saudi government which took place a few days before the decision was made.  More
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Elaph: the Number Online Newspaper in the Arab World 30 January 2009
Picture, launched in May 2001 by Saudi journalist and businessman Osman el-Omeir, is the most widely read news website in the Arab world not associated with any established print or broadcast medium. In an interview with the APN, Elie Hajj, one of Elaph's senior Lebanon correspondents, noted, "Elaph is not afraid to take risks in putting out its news stories. Because it is based in London, it does not face the same censorship as other media in the Arab world, and is even banned in certain countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia and Syria."  More
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World’s Press Condemns Travel Restrictions on Arab Journalists 11 December 2008
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Internet Censorship in the Gulf Countries, Part II 11 March 2008
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“What the Al-Jazirah daily has done is a precedent in the history of Saudi journalism” 06 August 2008