Choosing to Use A Numerology Name Calculator

Numerology is an age-old occult art. It is the practice of translating names and birth dates into single digit numbers to discover what sort of path a person is on in life or what strengths and weaknesses they may have.

Your name identifies who you are not just to you but to the world at large. It already says a good deal about you. Your name tells people about your characteristics. When you apply numerology to discover more about yourself, you can make use of a numerology name calculator.

How to decode the meaning behind numbers and names

Why This May Help

This is a tool that will help you discover your name number without the need to consult with a professional numerologist. There are excellent resources online where you can find the corresponding numbers to letters of the alphabet. When you add your numbers together to get a single digit you can then find out more about what your name means in numerology.

Knowing this will help you apply yourself better in life. You will find out more about the challenges you may face and how to overcome them. For example. if your name ends up being a six, you have a personality that tends to be artistic. You may find that you excel in dance. This leads you to pursue it instead of a career in dentistry, for instance.

How Does A Numerology Name Calculator Work?

A numerology name calculator displays the letter of the English alphabet. The numbers are assigned to three of the letters each. You add up all the numbers in your name and then bring them to a single digit. Once you know your single name number you can consult with a numerology resource that illustrates what each number means.

You do not need to pay to consult with a professional numerologist to find out some basic information about your name. You may also want to do a numerical calculation for your birthdate. This information will result in a life path number. A life path number indicates much of what you will encounter in life. It may indicate whether you like adventure or travel and so on.

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In fact, there are plenty of numerology calculators available that let you find interesting things about the influence that numbers have on our lives. If you are planning on having children, you may wish to get a number of names you have in mind for them. Many parents in India use the Vedic numerology system to choose names that will associate their children with good fortune and many blessings.

Types of Numerology

There are two major types of numerology. You can use whichever you prefer. There are the Pythagorean type and the Chaldean type of numerology. The biggest difference is that the Chaldean method works only with numbers one through eight whereas the other calculates numbers up to nine.

Another difference is when you use one for a birthdate the Pythagorean version uses the actual date but the Chaldean version makes use of the person’s name at the time a calculation is done. Numerology can be fun and relatively helpful in choosing various paths, partners and careers in life.