Changelly Review: A Look at Some of What they Offer

Over the past 5 years Changelly has become of the world’s most popular crypto-to-crypto exchange services in operation today, having carved themselves a market share of one million strong in only a few short years. This milestone achieved in only April of last year. Changelly is unique in that it allows for the exchange from one cryptocurrency to another, in an easy and convenient manner, by aggregating and suggesting the best rates directly into their website. Changelly has given its users the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their fees, not charging a fixed rate due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, thus allowing them to charge a generally lower commission fee for facilitating the trade.

Changelly Review and what they have to offer


Some of the key features that are offered through the Changelly platform, have been incorporated to further emphasize the company’s aims of being quick, fair, and trustworthy.

Credibility – Changelly was developed by the same team that developed the mining pool MinerGate, and is used by the Vice Chairman and the founding member of the bitcoin Foundation, Charlie Shrem.

Transaction Times – exchange processes are usually completed with a period of 30 minutes, depending on the size of the transaction. Larger transaction, over 1 BTC, will tend to take a little longer.

Fees – A commission of 0.5% is charged by Changelly on each trade that is made, and they charge no additional commissions or withdrawal fees. It is one of the least complicated fee structures among crypto exchange platforms.

Best Rates – The best rates are collected from across the web, to make sure Changelly users get the best rates for their trades.

Credit card Deposits – Both MasterCard and Visa are accepted by Changelly, although they do charge a higher price for this method of payment, and is not recommended here.

No Wallet Service – Unfortunately Changelly does not offer a wallet service to their clients. The wallets used are those that are provided by the coin that is being purchased.

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Deposits and Withdrawals

It is important to be aware that when connecting your bank account to Changelly for the purposes of exchanging coins for fiat currency, as different regions are subject to different minimum deposits as well as transaction limits.

Users from the U.S., Canada, and Australia are limited to $50 for their first transaction, the second only allowed 4 days later. The limit for this second transaction is raised to $100, and again to $500 7 days after the first transaction.

A $100 limit is imposed on those users from the EU and a few other countries. 4 days later a second transaction can be made, with a new limit of $200, while a full 7 days after their first transaction users can make purchases of up to $500.

Due to the small amount of coins that can be exchanged, the exchange fee of 0.5% is of hardly any consequence. The incremental nature of this fee structure can be costly if you are dealing in large transactions.


Real-time coin tracking and two-factor authentication are extra measures of security that have been employed by Changelly. Another security factor would be that they trade with some of the most reliable and reputable exchanges in the world. Each Changelly transaction is accompanied by a unique reference number that allows for the real-time tracking function, extending their users peace of mind. The two-factor authentication generates a unique and limited-time code, designed for your eyes only, sent to your smartphone for transaction verification. The two-factor authentication is an effective measure against hackers and other cyber-security threats.

A review of what Changelly has to offer their users has given a good impression of what the company is capable of in the crypto-to-crypto exchange market. Offering additional security features along with their fast transaction times, and minimal fees, Changelly is well worth a try.

Why Buy The Samsung Galaxy S9 And Why Would You Not Buy It?

If you pay close attention to smartphone companies and the products they release, you have certainly heard of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. In fact, you would almost have to be living underneath a rock not to have heard of it, am I right? Is this phone a step above the competition. You know it is, at least in terms of most other companies and their smartphones. Yet there are reasons to buy the S9, and there are reasons not to buy the S9.

Reasons to buy or not buy the Samsung Galaxy S9

Reasons Not To Buy

There are certainly more reasons to buy the Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus than there are not to buy the phone. Yet we are going to start with a couple of the negatives. They aren’t really negative marks against the phone, but just points to make. For example, let’s take a look at Apple. Oh yes, we have to look at the competition.

When Apple released its iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the company also released what is known as the iPhone X. According to all analysts, the technologies used in the iPhone 10 were what’s widely known as a huge leap forward. If you look at what the experts say about the Samsung Galaxy S9, you’re going to find out that they say it wasn’t much of a leap forward from the S8 at all.

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Reasons To Buy

That doesn’t mean it’s not a better phone, but it just wasn’t as much of a major change. So there are two things to learn here. You could either switch companies and go Apple’s latest phone this time around (or maybe get creative and pick up some vaporizer pens, and ditch the smartphones ;-)), or you could look at this a different way. Perhaps you have the Samsung Galaxy S8 in your hands. If that’s the case, with the S9 not being such a huge leap forward, why not keep the S8 and wait around for the next release?

That’s what I mean by making a point and not really saying something negative about the phone. It depends on your individual situation. If you already have the S8, then that’s a good reason not to buy the S9. And if you want to check out the latest technology by Apple, then that’s another reason not to buy the S9.

Final Thoughts

Now, if you compare the S9 and the iPhone X, there are many similarities. The technologies of one don’t really outperform the other. There are pros and cons to each, but the point I’m making is that the iPhone X isn’t necessarily better than the S9. It’s just the experts say the iPhone X was a huge leap forward, while the S9 was more of a lateral move with a few steps forward.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve purchased a new phone though, no doubt about it the Samsung Galaxy S9 is definitely a good choice in terms of buying a phone. You just need to take a look at its features so that you can see if it’s what you’re looking for. The S9 and S9 Plus are both great phones, and Samsung is a great company.

Bitcoin In The Arab Emirates: Why Buy Bitcoin In Dubai

When it comes to Bitcoin Dubai, United Arab Emirates residents may want to know what it is and how to buy it. They may also be wondering why they should buy Bitcoin. If you want to learn how to buy Bitcoin in Dubai and other useful information, then continue to read on.

Buy Bitcoin in Dubai and learn other useful information

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has been around since 2008. The digital currency has risen in popularity and people trade it for cash, other digital currency, spend it where it’s accepted as a form of payment and many other things. The digital currency is valuable and in high demand, because only a certain number of Bitcoins will ever be produced, and once that number is reached, then that is it; No more Bitcoins will be created.

How To Purchase Bitcoins In Dubai, UAE

If you want to buy Bitcoin in Dubai, then there are a few ways to go about it, such as using the exchange BitOasis. Another exchange that can be used is CEX. Other ways include the Regal RA. Those living in the UAE can also mine Bitcoin.

There are advantages and disadvantages of the above methods. Feel free to research the pros and cons of each method. After you do this, you can decide what the best way to purchase Bitcoin in Dubai is.

Reasons To Buy Bitcoin For The Future

One of the main reasons Dubai residents should buy Bitcoin is because it will likely increase in value. It’s true, nobody can say the price of Bitcoin will definitely go up in value or sink in value, but if history is anything to go off of, the chances are its value will increase. By purchasing Bitcoin now, you could end up making a decent profit in the future.

Another reason to consider getting Bitcoin in Dubai is you can use it to purchase all kinds of stuff. More and more establishments are accepting Bitcoin as a currency and a form of payment. As time goes by, more companies will likely accept Bitcoin as a payment. Also, more people are starting to set up Bitcoin 401k.

Bitcoins are very easy to obtain and get started in buying and trading it is easier than you think. All you need is to join an exchange and open up a digital wallet. If you do these two things, then you’ll be a step closer to being able to buy and trade the digital currency.

Cryptocurrency, in general, is becoming more mainstream. However, Bitcoin is by far the most mainstream digital currency in the world, which is why you should consider buying. The more mainstream the digital currency becomes, the more valuable it will become, which means you could end up trading it for a lot. The chances are it will continue to be mainstream.

As you can see, buying Bitcoin in Dubai is relatively easy. There are many reasons why you should purchase Bitcoin. With that said, all you have to do now is decide whether or not you should invest in it. Just make sure to do additional research on Bitcoin before doing anything because you want to make sure you are making a good decision.

Choosing to Use A Numerology Name Calculator

Numerology is an age-old occult art. It is the practice of translating names and birth dates into single digit numbers to discover what sort of path a person is on in life or what strengths and weaknesses they may have.

Your name identifies who you are not just to you but to the world at large. It already says a good deal about you. Your name tells people about your characteristics. When you apply numerology to discover more about yourself, you can make use of a numerology name calculator.

How to decode the meaning behind numbers and names

Why This May Help

This is a tool that will help you discover your name number without the need to consult with a professional numerologist. There are excellent resources online where you can find the corresponding numbers to letters of the alphabet. When you add your numbers together to get a single digit you can then find out more about what your name means in numerology.

Knowing this will help you apply yourself better in life. You will find out more about the challenges you may face and how to overcome them. For example. if your name ends up being a six, you have a personality that tends to be artistic. You may find that you excel in dance. This leads you to pursue it instead of a career in dentistry, for instance.

How Does A Numerology Name Calculator Work?

A numerology name calculator displays the letter of the English alphabet. The numbers are assigned to three of the letters each. You add up all the numbers in your name and then bring them to a single digit. Once you know your single name number you can consult with a numerology resource that illustrates what each number means.

You do not need to pay to consult with a professional numerologist to find out some basic information about your name. You may also want to do a numerical calculation for your birthdate. This information will result in a life path number. A life path number indicates much of what you will encounter in life. It may indicate whether you like adventure or travel and so on.

A great numerology calculator can be here (See Facebook)

In fact, there are plenty of numerology calculators available that let you find interesting things about the influence that numbers have on our lives. If you are planning on having children, you may wish to get a number of names you have in mind for them. Many parents in India use the Vedic numerology system to choose names that will associate their children with good fortune and many blessings.

Types of Numerology

There are two major types of numerology. You can use whichever you prefer. There are the Pythagorean type and the Chaldean type of numerology. The biggest difference is that the Chaldean method works only with numbers one through eight whereas the other calculates numbers up to nine.

Another difference is when you use one for a birthdate the Pythagorean version uses the actual date but the Chaldean version makes use of the person’s name at the time a calculation is done. Numerology can be fun and relatively helpful in choosing various paths, partners and careers in life.

Move Gold to Your IRA

Move Gold to Ira Now

Working With A Reputable Self-Directed IRA Company

Getting a great return on your investments is the biggest objective you have. You can maximize what you save in your Individual Retirement Account if you move gold to IRA. According to current laws, you can easily buy gold coins or bullion and hold them in your IRA.

To do this you need to be working with a self-directed IRA. Establish this account if you do not have one opened already. You must do this before being able to take advantage of the laws that permit this.

Many people think of any type of movement from one retirement account to a different one as being a rollover. The IRS distinctly indicates that with a rollover the money moving is paid to you and then deposited by you into the other account. With a transfer, the original custodian transfers the money to a new custodian who you designate to receive the funds. Whether you are in debt or have a vast retirement fund, transferring funds from an IRA to Gold IRA is an option for you. However, choosing a rollover is a safer and more advantageous option for your taxes.

View this Gold IRA Rollover Guide and gain a better understanding of this entire process.

Here’s How You Can Move Gold To IRA In A Few Easy Steps

The first step, again, is to be sure you have the correct IRA open. Conventional plans will not allow for the transfer of physical gold. Self-directed IRAs do as long as certain rules are followed. Once you open your account, you can invest fund into your account in the form of gold coins, bullion, and silver coins if you choose. A precious metals IRA is your best bet if you want to diversify your portfolio amongst a wealth of different metals aside from just Gold.

Purchasing these in the physical form will now be a part of your retirement planning process. You will need to work with a trustee that you can depend on to help you invest in self-directed retirement plans.

When you are ready to move gold to an IRA, you want to have a good relationship with a decent gold dealer and a good custodian. Look for gold dealerships that have IRA-approved products. This may mean that you have to deal with someone besides your local gold retailer. To find a great dealer, search online.

The advantage of shopping for this person online is clear. You get more options to research together with reviews about their products and services. Look for custodians that allow you to choose the dealer from whom you buy your gold bars and coins. This gives you the most control over your savings and investments.

Finding A Company With Offshore Storage And Around The Clock Security

Companies that have offshore storage facilities are among the best. You will note many of these companies are in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Find your dealer and your custodian to move gold to ira easily. Consult with the custodian over the phone. You get an initial consultation and then the firm will usually send you a few recommended trust company referrals. They allow you to make the final decision about which trustee to choose.

After you make your choice, you need to fill out paperwork to begin the process of rolling gold into your IRA. Once you are set up to receive gold in your IRA, you are on your way to a better future. You can see a greater return on your investments with gold in your portfolio.

Finding The Best Custom Cabinets San Diego Suppliers

Custom cabinets can make your kitchen look great, while also offering you a generous storage space. These cabinets will perfectly fit your room, they will match the colors of the walls and of the flooring, and they will provide you with a seamless cooking experience.

The only problem is that you find a reliable contractor to make you those cabinets. This is a challenge, but with patience and care, you have great chances to find a reliable supplier. If, for instance, you live in the San Diego area and you need custom cabinets, you can start your research work online. Use your favorite search engine, and see what kind of companies you get (For starters the top-rated Custom Cabinet Maker in San Diego, CA is IDEL Designs, Inc). The good thing about search engines is that they display also local results, based on your geographic location. This means you don’t even have to include the name of your city or town in your search, as you’ll get local contractors anyway, provided that you perform this search from your home.

Custom Cabinets Closets

Before choosing your contractor, you should check their skills and certifications, as well as their work portfolio. Always make sure you pick someone who has the same style as you when it comes to kitchen furniture and interior decor. Moreover, do not sign any agreement without checking a few client references before all other things. Most contractors (find a good one at should be happy to provide you with such pivotal information.

Last but not least, never go for the first company you come across. Comparisons are very good because they enable you to expand your options and to find the most reasonably priced custom cabinets in San Diego. Always make sure you send your inquiry to at least three contractors. You don’t have to pick the cheapest one of them, but rather see whether they are all within the same range of prices for similar quality work. Speaking of quality, avoid very cheap offers, because they usually hide flaws or low-quality materials. You can pay a fraction of the price today, but chances are you’re going to need new cabinets within a couple of years. This isn’t the ideal situation, so try to avoid it by choosing a contractor able to provide high-quality work before anything else. If you want modern accessories, take into consideration that they aren’t cheap. They may be able to offer you a plus of comfort and an ergonomic cooking space, but you have to afford them in the first place.

In conclusion, finding a good custom cabinets manufacturer, either nearby Escondido or in San Diego or anywhere else, is a matter of careful research and of knowing your priorities. As a general rule, avoid paying for the work in advance. Most contractors will ask you for a 50% advance payment. This is a reasonable request, so go for it by all means. However, if someone asks you for 100% down payment before they even start working, you should go to another contractor. This is how you can avoid scams or low quality work that would ruin your home renovation project.

Custom Cabinet

Cellulite Creams Work To Help Get Younger, Healthy Looking Skin

Do Cellulite Creams Work?

Are you tired of seeing cellulite in different areas of your body? The unfortunate fact is that this condition affects 85% of women across the globe. Although the severity varies from one woman to the next, there’s no question that everyone who has it wants to find out an effective way to get rid of cellulite blemishes. Invasive procedures exist to help patients remove cellulite and improve overall skin appearance. But what if you want something that’s non-invasive? Your best option is cellulite creams. Do these topical treatments really work? Read on to find out.

The first thing to keep in mind is that relying exclusively on creams that claim to remove cellulite won’t do you any favors. To get the best results, it’s suggested to make certain lifestyle changes alongside using your chosen cellulite cream. These creams aren’t a magic bullet. You need to exert extra time and effort if you really want your cellulite to vanish.

The products you can find on the market contain different ingredients, each of which has been shown to effectively smoothen and moisturize the skin. These ingredients are the reason why cellulite creams work wonders for some people. The goal is to make the surrounding skin tighter, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite. Some of the most common ingredients include ginseng, caffeine, and coffee berry.

However, this doesn’t mean you should pick and cellulite cream you find and expect to get good results. You still want to do some research to ensure you’re buying a cream which has been proven effective by other users. If possible, seek recommendations from other people you know. You can also use the internet to find reviews from past customers. Just remember that not all reviews are created equal. Try to find legitimate online sources so you can read real reviews.

You should also remember that using these creams wouldn’t generate results overnight. Patience is key to getting the results you want. At the very least, you should use the product consistently for eight weeks. The ingredients need time to plump up the surrounding skin. Be sure to use the product according to the instructions on the label for safe and effective results.

To make these creams even more effective, remember to make adjustments in your eating habits and exercise routines. Try to steer clear of foods that are rich in carbohydrates and refined sugar. These can worsen the appearance of cellulite. You also need to focus on exercises that tone the muscles. It’s not surprising to learn that regular exercise benefits your skin, so don’t skimp out and head over to the gym at least three times a week.

anti cellulite creams effective

Cellulite creams work, but only when used correctly. If you expect them to remove cellulite in a matter of days, then you will only end up being disappointed. It’s important to remain patient and understand that you need to make changes in your lifestyle to get optimal results. Lastly, don’t forget to search for reviews before shelling out any money on a cellulite cream.

Comparing The iPhone X Vs. iPhone 8

iPhone X Vs. iPhone 8 – What Is New?

Apple announced and released three new iPhones (iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X, which is also pronounced iPhone Ten) at its special event that took place on September 12th this year. If you are looking to upgrade your iPhone, then chances are that you are wondering which model is the best for you.

If you are looking for a bigger screen, then you have to choose between iPhone 8 Plus, which has the biggest screen size and iPhone X, which has a moderate screen size. At the same time, you have to weigh up the cost of iPhone X against the heavier iPhone 8 plus.

If you are not a fun of large handsets, then you can choose between iPhone 8 and iPhone X. This is because these two models are smaller and lighter compared to iPhone plus Models. On the other hand, you may be impressed by the new iPhone X features, but wondering if you really need to pay more than $1,000; or will the iPhone 8 give you the features you are looking for.

Below we have reviewed iPhone X and iPhone 8 while highlighting each phone’s strong points. The aim is to help you identify the best iPhone for you.

Display, Weight, And Dimension Specifications

Truly, there is only one place to begin when comparing phones; the outer part (what you can see). This simply means comparing dimensions, screen display, weight, and other physical parts. Well, even though this is the case, it is important to know that both the iPhone X and iPhone 8 run using iOS 11.

iPhone 8

This phone is available in three different colors; Space Grey, Silver, and Gold. Apple iPhone 8 dimensions are 67.3 X 138.4 X 7.3 mm and weigh 148 g. It comes with a 4.7-inch Retina HD display, offering 16.9 true tones, with a 1334 X 750 pixels; 326 PPI LCD screen. This device has a 65.6% screen to body ratio.

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iPhone X

Unlike iPhone 8, iPhone X comes in two colors; Space Grey and Silver. Apple iPhone X is a bit bigger than iPhone 8, measuring 70.9 X 143.6 X 7.7 mm and weighs 174 g. It comes with 5.8-inch super retina display, which offers 18:6 true tone, with a 2436 X 1125 pixels; 458 PPI OLED screen. iPhone X has an 82.9% screen to body ratio.

Protect your iPhone X: – Best Case for Apple iPhone X

Camera and Video Recording 

It is a fact that the use of the phone camera has increased greatly. Actually, people use phone cameras more than ordinary cameras. Therefore, if you love taking photos and selfies, it is important to look at iPhone X and iPhone 8 capabilities.

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 comes with a 12 Megapixel, f/1.8 rear camera. The camera has a 5X digital zoom and a quad-LED flash. The front camera is a 7 megapixel, f/2.2 HD camera. It does support 1080p video. The phone has a high-quality video recording. It supports 4K at 24/30/60fps. Another feature is that a person can record videos at slo-mo of 1080p at 240 fps.

iPhone X

iPhone X has a 12 Megapixel, f/1.8 wide-angle rear camera. It features OIS optical zoom, OIS + 12-megapixel telephoto, Portrait model and portrait lighting. It does also include quad-LED flash. iPhone X does also include a 7 megapixel, f/2.2 face time HD front camera. It does support 1080p video. Just like iPhone 8, iPhone X has the same video recording features.

Processor, Storage, And Security

Both iPhone X and iPhone 8 use Apple A11 Bionic, M11 co-processors. In addition to this, these phones are available in both 64 GB and 256 GB storage. However, when it comes to biometric security, they differ slightly. Apple iPhone 8 supports Touch ID whereas iPhone X supports Face ID.

iPhone X vs iPhone 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus

Other Features:

Both smartphones support wireless charging and feature waterproof technology.


It is quite clear that the Apple iPhone X is better than the Apple iPhone 8 because it has a few unique features. The only limitation is that you will be required to pay more for iPhone X (iPhone 10) than iPhone 8. Stay tuned for the latest updates here for the best lifehacks, reviews, and resources on Apple and computer technology. Which iPhone is the most popular? A company such as Absolute Summit can help you find out.

Bitcoin IRA Reviews And Options For Retirement

Is Investing In A Bitcoin IRA The Right Option For Your Retirement?

If you have heard of Bitcoin, you know it is quite easy to buy as an investment and store in a digital wallet. However, investing in Bitcoin is one thing, but can you really have a Bitcoin IRA? The answer is yes, and that might surprise you. In fact, it is said to be quite easy to set one of those accounts up as well. Whether you are new to Bitcoin or just now looking at the IRA options, let’s get down to the facts about this opportunity. Review

If you are wondering about security, it is interesting to read about how these companies handle the matter. Speaking of that, not all companies are the same, so you want to pick a good one. When looking at one of them, I noticed that for security purposes, the company has a multi-layered system in place. In this case, voice confirmation is also required. That sounds like a pretty sophisticated setup, don’t you think?

One thing you might want to know as well as the number of Bitcoin transactions a company can handle on a consistent basis. In the case of this company that I took a look at, that information wasn’t plainly listed on the home page, but I didn’t expect it to be. I did see, however, that the wallet or storage company used is one that handles approximately a billion dollars in Bitcoin transactions each month. As for how much business the company itself gets, the one that is going to handle your IRA, you should ask them.

You will have questions for sure, especially when it comes to setting up a Bitcoin IRA. Make sure to do your due diligence as an investor and learn about Bitcoin. Do you have an existing IRA or 401k that you want to transfer? You might be wondering if that would make things more complicated. According to the site I was looking at, it’s not complicated at all. You would think that it might be in some ways, but it’s not. In fact, it seems as though they handle it pretty much the same way as if they were transferring a regular 401k or IRA account.

Investing in Bitcoin has never been easier, especially since you can count on the tax advantages of an IRA. You do have to realize that this type of account doesn’t protect you when it comes to the fluctuations of Bitcoin as an unregulated currency. However, not many investments have been hotter than Bitcoin in recent years. Are you wanting to look more closely at setting up an IRA with Bitcoin as your investment?

Would you be able to mix it up a little with Bitcoin and also other investments? That would be a good question to ask, and if the answer is yes, you could allocate how much funds you want to put into Bitcoin. If you have to keep your Bitcoin separately in your digital wallet, that’s fine, too. Make sure you evaluate the risk associated with a Bitcoin investment because this is your IRA you are talking about. Planning out your retirement is important.

Where To Find The Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cases

You don’t have to be a shopping expert to find great Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases online. However, knowing where to look for such accessories can save you a lot of time, and perhaps some money. This brief guide will show you how to do your research, in order to maximize your chances to find the best case for your smartphone.

First of all, you should make a list of must-have features of your ideal Samsung Galaxy Note 8 case. Consider choosing the material and the type of case. If you love leather, you should search for leather cases, and leave out all other options. Knowing the type of case you’d like to get will also ease your research a great deal. The LED Wallet Cover case from Samsung, for instance, will allow you to see the current time and to view your notifications without exposing the screen. If you work in a rugged environment or you enjoy hiking trips and rock climbing, this case might be the best for you. If you don’t mind exposing your screen, you may want to look into less expensive options of cases. Minimalist cases are great for people who don’t like to cover their beautiful device with a piece of plastic or leather, no matter how stylish. Although almost invisible, these cases offer solid protection against accidental drops.

Once you know what kind of accessory you are looking for, you can go ahead and perform a search in your favorite browser. Most probably, you are going to get a good list of online stores selling this type of items. You can choose to purchase your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases from any of them, provided that you can find the contact details and the shipping and returns policy clearly displayed on the website. If you fear scams, you can always do your shopping on Amazon or on the websites of major retailers. These companies are way too large and too influential to afford to cheat on their customers. Moreover, shopping on Amazon allows you to take a glimpse into other people’s experience with the product you wish to buy. These user reviews can help you make the best choice from the very beginning so that you don’t have to return your smartphone case later on.

Remember that the best protection for your phone is the one that suits best your lifestyle and your specific activities. If you barely get out of the house, you may not be interested in solid protection, but rather in getting a stylish case to add value to your Galaxy Note 8. If on the contrary, you have a very active lifestyle with lots of outdoor activities, you may want to have the peace of mind that your phone is going to be protected in all circumstances.

By taking the time to research your options, you can find the best case to protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphone without affecting its look. At the same time, you shouldn’t spend too much time on choosing a case, as it isn’t the most expensive purchase of all but make sure to do your due diligence to find the right Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases online that are a good fit.

note 8